Post: Maximize Your Chances of Selling Your Property Between Individuals


Navigating the world of selling property between individuals can be challenging. However, with the right approach and proper preparation, you can greatly increase your chances of successfully selling your property. This article outlines key steps and offers practical tips for estimating your property value, creating an attractive advertisement, preparing your property for visits, and gathering necessary documents.

1. Estimating Your Property Value

One important aspect of selling your property is setting an accurate price. To determine a reasonable price range, consider using online estimation tools. While these tools may not be entirely precise, they provide a starting point by giving you an idea of the prices in your area.

You can also refine your estimate by analyzing properties similar to yours, considering location, size, and amenities. Consult real estate agencies that often offer free, accurate property estimations, sometimes even through video consultations.

Pro Tip: Gather information on nearby properties and consult professionals for an accurate estimation of your property value.

2. Crafting an Attractive Advertisement

An eye-catching advertisement is key to successfully selling your property. When composing your ad, follow this suggested structure:

  • Postal code, city
  • Key features (maximum of 3, in uppercase letters)
  • Total area
  • Description
  • Bathroom(s) and toilet(s)
  • Amenities
  • Transportation options
  • Nearby shops and environment

In addition, taking high-quality photos of your property is crucial. Here are some tips for capturing impressive images:

  • Tidy up your property, removing clutter and organizing belongings.
  • Take photos during daylight hours with open shutters or curtains.
  • Avoid photographing crowded rooms or facing windows to ensure privacy.
  • If possible, refrain from turning on lights as it can make the space appear darker.
  • Feature two walls per room in each photo instead of three to avoid a narrow look.

Pro Tip: Use clear descriptions, high-quality photos, and be organized when creating your advertisement.

3. Gathering Necessary Documents

Preparing documents ahead of time is essential for facilitating a smooth sale process. Once an offer has been made, your buyer may continue searching for properties while they await the signing of the compromise. To expedite this process and engage your buyer contractually, gather the following documents before listing your property:

  • Property tax documentation
  • Ownership title
  • In a condominium: additional required reports (e.g., asbestos, energy performance, termites, etc.)

For further information regarding necessary documents, consult your notary.

Pro Tip: Collect all critical paperwork from the beginning to speed up signing procedures and keep potential buyers engaged.

4. Preparing Your Property for Site Visits

Scheduling visits for potential buyers is key to generating interest in your property. Consider the following tips:

  • Schedule visits during daylight hours for optimal lighting and atmosphere.
  • Arrange visits on the same day or half-day to create competition among potential buyers, increasing your chances of receiving satisfactory offers.
  • Anticipate spending approximately 20 minutes per visit, varying based on property size.

5. Impressing Buyers During Site Visits

Creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere during site visits can contribute significantly to your success in selling your property. Consider these tips:

  • Tidy up your property and open shutters or curtains before each visit.
  • Make potential buyers feel comfortable by giving them space and answering any questions they may have.
  • After a visit, escort the visitor out while discussing their thoughts on the property.

Pro Tip: Prepare your property thoroughly and create an inviting atmosphere for site visits to maximize buyer interest.

By taking these necessary steps and employing these helpful tips, you will maximize your chances of successfully selling your property between individuals, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.