Post: Navigating the Real Estate Purchase Offer Process: A Comprehensive Guide


Real estate transactions can be complex and confusing for both buyers and sellers. One critical component in this process is the real estate purchase offer, which establishes the terms of the transaction. This article will provide an in-depth understanding of what a purchase offer entails, its mandatory mentions, various scenarios that may arise, and key points to remember while creating a successful real estate sale.

The Importance of the Real Estate Purchase Offer

A purchase offer, also referred to as a unilateral promise to purchase, is a written document that outlines a buyer’s willingness to acquire a property at a specific price. This offer must be accepted by the seller if it matches the asking price, thereby eliminating any potential negotiation with other buyers. It is crucial to make a written purchase offer, as oral offers hold no legal value and do not bind either the buyer or the seller. Sending the purchase offer via email makes the process quicker and more straightforward.

Mandatory Mentions in a Purchase Offer

  • Purchase price of the property
  • Identification of both parties: seller and buyer, including personal information
  • Validity period of the offer (the time you have to respond to the buyer)
  • Description of the property: address, type, size, floor, etc.
  • Financing method
  • Conditions or suspensive clauses of the purchase offer

Suspensive Conditions Explained

Suspensive conditions are stipulations within a purchase offer that allow either party to withdraw from the agreement without penalty if certain conditions are not met. Common suspensive conditions include obtaining mortgage approval, acquiring necessary permits, ensuring the land is free of pollution, and completing home improvements. If a buyer does not satisfy the conditions within a given timeframe, they can retract their proposal without incurring any fees.

Creating an Effective Real Estate Purchase Proposal

To draft a successful purchase offer, follow this suggested format:

Name and surname of the buyer

Name and surname of the seller


Subject: Purchase Offer

Madam, Sir,

Following our visit to the property located at… on [date], we would like to express our intent to acquire the property for… euros.

Understanding Different Real Estate Purchase Scenarios

Purchase Offer at the Asking Price

If a buyer matches the asking price in their purchase offer, the seller must accept it. According to Article 1583 of the Civil Code, ownership is transferred automatically and legally to the buyer once there is agreement on the object and price, even if the funds haven’t been exchanged or the property delivered.

Multiple Offers at the Asking Price

In cases where multiple buyers match the asking price, the seller should accept the first offer, which demonstrates that the property has generated interest and is priced appropriately.

Purchase Offer Below the Desired Selling Price

If a potential buyer submits an offer below the desired selling price, the seller can choose to refuse or provide a counter-offer. Once a counter-offer has been made, the initial purchase offer becomes void, requiring the buyer to submit a new offer with a revised proposed price.

When debating between various offers, prioritize buyers who have a well-established financing plan in place.

Key Points to Remember

When dealing with a real estate purchase offer, keep these essential aspects in mind:

  • Submitting the offer in writing is highly recommended via a handwritten letter or email.
  • Mandatory mentions must be present in the offer, including purchase price, identification of both parties, validity period, property description, financing method, and suspensive conditions.
  • The seller is obligated to sell their property once they accept a purchase offer.
  • Buyers have a 10-day withdrawal period after signing the sales agreement, allowing them to retract easily.

By understanding the intricacies of the real estate purchase offer process, you can ensure that your transaction proceeds smoothly and successfully. With knowledge and proper communication between buyers and sellers, navigating this critical aspect of real estate will become an easier endeavor for all involved parties.